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Boost your online visibility with our Distribution Service for Press Releases! Enhance your SEO rankings and expand your audience reach by disseminating your news and announcements to leading media outlets and websites. Efficiently increase brand visibility and generate traffic.

Writing & Editing

Produce impactful press releases with accuracy by utilizing proficient writing and editing abilities.


Cultivate relationships with the media and obtain influential coverage through proficient media relations skills.


Our core team of writers is comprised of the most prolific PR industry professionals with substantial experience and knowledge. We supply you with the most qualified experts in the field, whose output is unmatched in quality.


Our team of writers ensures that the content is optimized for search engines and drives traffic to your website via media.


Our white-label reporting system is readily accessible and 100 percent transparent. One can efficiently monitor the progress of various initiatives via their dashboard.

Real-time analysis

Our services include real-time & in-person analysis capabilities

Our all-encompassing services incorporate both in-person and real-time analysis capabilities, guaranteeing that you have immediate access to the most precise insights.

Capitalize on opportunities and gain valuable market insights through our comprehensive Market Analysis proficiency.

Our meticulous Content Auditing services will elevate your content strategy and optimize your digital presence for maximum impact.

By conducting comprehensive competitor audits, you can acquire invaluable insights that will allow you to maintain a competitive advantage.

Leverage unprecedented insights into your customers through the utilization of our Customer Auditing services, thereby augmenting their loyalty and satisfaction.

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Better the online presence and outcomes of your company

Improve the online presence and performance of your business.

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Pro comprises

Additionally, we constantly provide both new and returning clients with exclusive offers and discounts on our services.

DA 30+

Upper Tier


Pro comprises

Additionally, we consistently extend exclusive offers and discounts on our services to both new and returning customers.

DA 40+



Pro comprises

Furthermore, we consistently extend to both new and returning consumers exclusive offers and discounts on our services.

DR 20+

Moderate Tier


Pro comprises

Additionally, we constantly provide both new and returning clients with exclusive offers and discounts on our services.

DR 30+

Upper Tier


Pro comprises

Additionally, we consistently extend exclusive offers and discounts on our services to both new and returning customers.

DR 40+



Pro comprises

Furthermore, we consistently extend to both new and returning consumers exclusive offers and discounts on our services.

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A press release, alternatively referred to as a new release, press statement, video release, or media release, is a news item that provides media outlets and the general public with information regarding recent activities of a specific organization.
In essence, a news release can be defined as an authoritative declaration disseminated through the media with the purpose of apprising the public of significant information pertaining to recent occurrences, such as corporate mergers, product launches, or personnel additions.

One might question the rationale behind the necessity of composing a press release. The following are several significant advantages that your company can obtain by composing and disseminating press releases:

Enhance the visibility of your website by securing coverage on media outlets and blogs.
Enhance the volume of visitors to your site.
Secure a feature for your company in Google News.
Improve your website’s rankings
Increase the trustworthiness and credibility of your company
There is no magical way that a press release regarding your company will land it on the cover of Forbes. However, if executed properly, a press release can serve as a potent instrument for disseminating information regarding the innovative initiatives undertaken by your organization on a global scale.

Avoid the temptation to compose the press release for the sole purpose of improving your search engine rankings. Conversely, your press release ought to consistently address significant announcements that elicit coverage from numerous media outlets. Linkbrood will advise and support you in acquiring affordable backlinks for high-quality press releases.
We make every effort to incorporate an organic backlink into the Word document that comprises your press release. We compose an engaging press release prior to incorporating a high-quality backlink into it. Copy-and-paste sections of the press release are utilized by journalists, which increases your chances of acquiring additional premium backlinks and traffic.
We make every effort to present your story to influential journalists in the email proposal, just as you did when composing the press release. A proposal that fails to meet acceptable standards will not even tempt the journalist to review your press release.
Simply uploading your press release to submission sites is one method of attracting the interest of journalists. These websites are typically combed through by journalists in search of topics. To maximize the press release’s exposure, we publish it on both paid and free submission sites.
Additionally, it is important to consider that alternatives to press releases that aid in acquiring organic premium backlinks will invariably exist.

Indeed, we furnish reports once the press release has been distributed in its entirety. The comprehensive information is also accessible via the interface.

It typically requires 24 hours to distribute a press release in its entirety. If you would like your press release to be distributed at a particular time or date, you may specify that information when submitting your order.

Link Shopify provides you with a straightforward and uncomplicated form. By default, press releases are disseminated within a 24-hour timeframe. Simply establish communication with us, and we will provide immediate guidance.

Link Shopify PR Distribution has positioned itself as the industry frontrunner in press distribution. Nationwide access to reputable online news networks, social media platforms, radio stations, search engines, and industry journals is readily available through our service.

Our business provides four primary products that differ in terms of the quality of services provided. Our clients are granted the freedom to select any package that best suits their requirements.

It is unnecessary to incur additional charges for such items. Simply furnish the hyperlink for the corresponding image or video, and our team shall incorporate them into your press release.

We guarantee distribution of your press release to niche-appropriate industry journals, prominent search engines, blogs, radio stations, and online television stations, in accordance with the package you purchase.

No, it is not feasible to furnish a guarantee in advance regarding the precise time and date of distribution for your press release.

The dissemination of press releases facilitates the indexing of your website by prominent search engines more quickly, thereby contributing to the optimization of your site’s search engine rankings for particular keywords.

400-500 words is the optimal length for a press release. Our team does not assess additional fees for press releases with word counts below 1,000.

We strongly suggest that you examine the press release we have drafted for you; we will withhold distribution of your press release until you are completely satisfied. We are able to have the press release removed from our partner sites once it has been published for an additional fee. However, obtaining the removal of the press release from other websites is not feasible.

It is quite straightforward. Merely selecting the ‘Order Now’ icon is sufficient. You will be presented with a press release submission form that you must complete in order to have it delivered to our organization.

Please ensure that the contact information you provide is accurate, including a valid name, email address, phone number, and address, prior to our organization disseminating the news release.

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